St Joseph's RC Infant School, Leyton E10

Music room

A distinctive '70's era primary school with octagonal classrooms that has expanded incrementally over the years to take up virtually all available space on the site without encroaching on the play areas to the west of the buildings. 

With the library housed in a break-out space next to the main hall and a new IT classroom doubling as a music room the Head Teacher decided that a further extension for general teaching space was essential and suggested a little-used external area between the main buildings and the boundary wall to Marsh Lane.

Undaunted at the prospect Spirit Architects undertook a site evaluation and in discussion with the Local Authority established approval in principal to construct a single-storey extension. The resulting scheme features an octagonal roof lantern, an acoustic partition to sub-divide the space and under-floor heating to avoid taking up precious floor space with LST radiators.